About me

Photography – the art, practice or occupation of taking and printing pictures. But to me, its much more than that. I have been passionate about photography for several years now and there is so many things that I love about it. I am mainly a wedding photographer, and I love capturing memories that will last people a life time. Additionally  I work with my creative side to have private photo shoots, family and really any type of photo sessions that you would like. I am always open to any ideas you might have and I take them to careful consideration.

I believe that everyone needs to be comfortable on their sessions and to do that – they have to get to know the photographer a little more. Originally I am from Ukraine. So I have some accent when I speak English,  it always make the process of photo shooting very fun.  I have a family of five. My wife, two amazing children and a beautiful cat. My older daughter high school student assist me on weddings and engagement sessions, she also help me to communicate with clients. I  successfully completed photography course from Academy of Art University and get my certificate in 2010.  I’m a very friendly and easy to get to know type of person, and lastly I’m extremely grateful to be able to do what I enjoy. In the future I would like to keep pleasing people with my work and help them remember the wonderful moment of their past.

For more information please check info page, with any question you can email me: info@tarasphotofocus.com